About Us

I'm a Wife, a Mom (of 8!), a Grandma, a Patriot, a Christian...like many of you.... that came to a sudden and unexpected crossroads in my life.  My job as church secretary, which I dearly loved, was coming to an end; most of our older kids have been forced to move back home due to Covid-induced inflation and lack of affordable housing; and my husband sure would like to retire someday!  I obviously needed flexibility with my youngest twins still in school (and they're wild boys!  Need I say more?).  What was I to do to help provide and also be that "Something for Everyone"?  After praying that God would show me where He would lead me next, out of seemingly nowhere this online store opportunity was born.  
      It is my joy, during these times in which we all see so much more of our indoor spaces, to bring you hand-selected, special and unique home items - items that help you feel cozy, safe, creative, luxurious and full of renewed enjoyment for your home!